Friday, June 3, 2011


The oppressive heat has finally bid us adieu and for the first time in over a week, I flung open the windows to let in the cool, sweet air and I was immediately hit with the cacaphony of bird song--I had truly missed each distinct bird's sounds and I'm trying to identify who's who--crazy!

Anyhoo, Dudley's Farmhouse Grille...I had spoken to Jim, Chef and owner, let him know we were coming in to dine and of course he greeted us at the door.  Who does that anymore?  Not many.  It's that type of warm invite that makes any dining experience superb.  Granted, the dining room is small, but he conversed with everyone in the room.  Our food was lovely, the last of the season's soft shell crab, that literally tasted as if it were still in the water, an ethereal lobster bisque--the perfect texture, dry pack scallops, sweet and firm...I could go on, but honestly, for me, it's not necessarily about the's about the wine!!!!

Jim has a seemingly bottomless cellar, and he loves to share his wine--again I ask, who does that anymore? Especially nowadays.  But he did and besides the 2008 DuMol Isobel Chardonnay and the 2008 Pahlmeyer Chardonnay the showstopper was--wait for it--a Virginia Sauvignon Blanc.  Only 20 cases made (again, super generous to share with us).  Linden Vineyard vines are located in Linden, Va, which is in the Northern VA vine-growing region.  Apparently they're known for their Chardonnay and reds, but the Sauv Blanc was killer.  (hippie--no out of state, bummer.)

Seriously, it's not even about the wine for me anymore.  What I'm finding ever more important is establishing meaningful relationships with folks, and sharing moments together.  Trust me, I cherish my alone time, we all do, but having friends, family to just be with, my friends, that's priceless.  Thank you Jim, as always, a wonderful evening. And special thanks to "The Terrible Three" who make life ridiculously interesting.


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  1. It's so great you are posting descriptions about the wine - what we had and where its from! It was a lovely evening and that restaurant was excellent. I remember placing my fork on the table so I could chew my was. that. good.

    Thank gawd you moved here! I'd still be eating at IHOP if it weren't for you and adventurous culinary spirit!

  2. That's Sir Hippie if you please...