Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nitty Gritty Scop

What we drink has been explained, expounded, exploited and beaten down our throats for as long as I can remember.  I do agree a little beating now and again builds character but I'm a little sick of the daily prattle about how a garlic-soaked piece of tripe would pair awesomely with a young Macallan.  Whatever.  I seriously have to be in a particular mood for tripe.  For me, it's not enough.  I think it's time to explore who what when where and why we drink.  The Hubs recently gifted me Drink, A Cultural History of Alcohol, by Iain Gately and it is fascinating. Go ahead and google Abu Nuwas--not for the timid.

Open bar, Where's the bar? Bloody Mary time, peanut butter jelly time, Mad Men Martinis, Cocktail parties, the resurgence of American Whiskies and Ryes.  Have you ever been to a function where there wasn't any alcohol?  Living hell, right?  So, this particular part of The Burg Chronicles will be named Nitty Gritty Scop, so that when you see that I've posted this, you'll have a choice:  read on and be inspired, cracked open if you will, or you can turn away, decide not today, sit quietly with glass in hand.  Only one requirement to reading NGS--you must comment.  Regale us with your liquid exploits, always keeping in mind the 5Ws:  who what when where why.  It may get dark...light a candle.

Absinthe, cut with a little cold water, at bedtime, to hold off the insomnia, at least for a little while.

Chin Chin!

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  1. Purgatory = wedding reception without alcohol. Boring! Give us the nitty gritty dirty Tina!!