Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Strange Days

From 90 degree hella to 75 and slightly overcast--strange and somewhat eerie weather patterns.  The longer I lived in San Diego the more I never worried about the weather and oddly enough I'm positive I suffered for it.  No distinct weather changes meant no marking time by holidays.  Holidays never seemed like true holidays because the weather that was usually associated with them was not held accountable.

Years slipped by, the only tell-tale sign a slight whitening at the temple, sleep patterns changing and the sudden repelling of loud music.  Get off the lawn!  Ugh.

Anyhell, an opportunity arose Sunday for some nuch-needed professional picture-taking.  One of my favourite shops, Blink--Focused Design, held a photo shoot with Monica Sigmon Photography http://www.monicasigmon.com/ to benefit one of the local area outreach centers.  I loathe taking pictures of myself; it's so not comfortable for me, however, so very necessary.  So of course the first thought in my head:  have to have glass in hand, but what wine in said glass?  I only have a few cases of a variety of bottles that I've collected, some from friends as well, but there was one I had purchased when I was wine buyer for The WineSellar in SD, from Kermit Lynch:  Dupere Barrera Nowat 2006, Cotes de Provence. 

I was drawn to this husband and wife wine-making team because they chose a different path in their lives:  to study wine.  They use all organic practices, I think they're adhering to biodynamic, although not certified yet, and as Kermit says:  "These eco-conscious artisans could never be accused of not walking their talk."  They let the natural characters of the grape lead them into what the finished wine will be:  sweet, rich fruit, with that characteristic garrigue:  dried brush and Mediterranean herbs.  Alcohol is a bit high at 14%, but because I liked everything else about this wine, I dismissed it--good call Tina.

And strangely enough, I felt more at ease with that wine in my glass as the photographer's camera kept clicking.  I even smiled.


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