Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pain births Clarity

I just watched a quirky little Independent film (I am an independent film junkie!) called Wilby Wonderful.  For me, these films never have a premeditated agenda.  They're usually just stories about everyday folks, going about their everyday lives. And the only modus operandi:  take what you need.  Painful, they can be (thanks Yoda).

But the thing about Pain--it brings Clarity.  Think about it.  When everything in our lives is happy happy joy joy, fast-paced fun, we don't grow, we don't reinvent, there's no forward motion. Pain births clarity.  Pain reminds us to think, seriously, literally.                                        
Aw crap, it's late, I'm tired and I'm painfully aware I sound crazy.

Anyhell, all of the above reminded me of a wine,  Matteo Correggia Anthos 2008, made with the Brachetto grape, completely dry, smelling and tasting of roses and licorice--a painfully delicate and ethereal bottle.  Makes a person think.

nighty night,

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