Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nitty Gritty Scop..."Blow Me..."

...said the cigar to my lips.  Hey, I warned you.  With the title Nitty Gritty Scop, content may be slightly off-kilter.

I woke to the ironic scent of smoke in the air.  I say ironic because in San Diego environs, it's usually the tell-tale signal of California fire season. But here? in the Burg?  and it's not someone burning, erasing all traces of their garbage--yes, here in the South, they do that.  Apparently parts of North Carolina have been burning for months now, and the smoke is turning the area into a hazy, smoggy nightmarish vista. (yes, I just described Los Angeles as well.)

But the smell of smoke, meaning something of a wood origin burning, reminds me of cigars, more than likely because I'm now on the East Coast, and cigars remind me of my youth when my father used to smoke big, fat, "stogies". I've always been intrigued by cigars--no inhaling involved they say.  I refuse to start in on the horrid effects of smoking anything, let the doctors, scientists and people who have nothing else to do discuss.

What is interesting to me is the social aspect of cigar smoking.  I akin it to American Indian pipe smoking:  the good stuff isn't brought out all the time, only at special gatherings and other ecclesiastical happenings.  I can't imagine it's as prevalent as wine drinking, probably for those health reasons and a bit of the possible daunting nature of it all (refer back to my title above.)  I've been to the local cigar shoppe to sit with a friend and smoke a little.  They were very nice, a quick tutorial given, but the clientele were men.  Is it a guy thing? Hmmm.

The Williamsburg Inn holds a "Smoke and Spirits" event, every Saturday night, outside on their beautiful terrace.  For $25 you can imbibe in a Cognac, Scotch or Bourbon (the typical marauders) and a cigar, accompanied by smoked and cured meats, cheeses and breads.  Sounds like a good deal, I think my Saturday evening is set.  I'm mostly curious as to whom will be there--mostly men?  What kind of people smoke cigars?  Do they also drink wine?  How about a 2008 Sonoma Coast?  (bad joke.)  In any case, should be verra interesting--report to follow.

vapors anon,

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