Friday, June 10, 2011

Hella Hot

Staying close to the homestead today.  Helping out at my friend Anne's new shoe store that is opening very soon:  She's reconfiguring the site with pictures of the new store (sooo cute!) and the new merchandise I can't wait to make some purchases of quality, handmade shoes, bags and clothing.  I'll post pictures as they come live.

Then it's off to World of Wine for a free wine tasting: Great people at the small shop, super friendly and love wine and beer.  Their beer selection is killer.

Next is picking up our berry CSA--very nice!  I have jam up the wazoo.  Tonight I'll make a Linzertorte to use up all that finger-licking raspberry / strawberry jalapeno goodness.

Have a wonderful Friday!  Do something special.

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